Friday, June 14, 2013

The Weekend Review

My weekend introduction into next week’s World War II adventure kick-off begins with a few WWII era novels I highly recommend.
If you’re looking for a good read this weekend to put you into the 1940’s setting look for these great novels by some very accomplished authors…

       Let’s begin early on just prior to the U.S.’s involvement in the war. Bodie and Brock Thoene’s novel, The Gathering Storm takes you across the Atlantic and into the reach of Nazi Germany. Follow the story of a girl who fights to save her family while trying to uncover the secret to a mysterious man and his past.
This novel will keep you turning its pages and guessing what will happen. A good read for both men and women.

      Next we take a trip across the Pacific to the Hawaiian Islands where Pearl Harbor has just been bombed by the Japanese. Follow the heroine, a female pilot who applies for the WASP program, and the hero, who is captured and forced into the Bataan Death March. Tricia Goyer tells a vivid and accurate story in The Dawn of a Thousand NIghts of American bravery, duty, and will. Again, a must read for men and women.

      Continue on by following the war as Sarah Sundin tells the stories of 3 brothers in the United States Army Air Corps. From England to sunny California the beautiful stories of the Novak brothers and their gals will warm your heart as each overcome struggles and hardships, and fight to survive. Read, The Wings of Glory series.

      Now we travel back to the east coast to Florida where Dan Walsh digs into history and brings to life untold stories of WWII in his novel, The Discovery. Read in suspense as a Nazi U-boat secretly lands on the Florida coast and enables several members of the Nazi party to sabotage American factories. One man longs to be free of his harsh nationality while hiding behind a web of lies to keep his identity a secret. But his masquerade jeopardizes him and potentially the life of the girl he loves.

Enjoy these heartwarming stories and the true to life scenarios of what our troops experienced during the Second World War. 

1940’s Dialogue:
Want to learn the slang of the 1940’s era? I’ll post a new word each day and in its correct context…

Joint - A club
"Let's ditch this joint and be on our way."

Swell: Great, wonderful
"Well, isn't that just swell?"
"Aren't you looking swell this evening."