Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Using Online Networks to a Writer's Advantage: Pinterest

With so many technological advances in our time nothing seems left uncovered. We can now connect with friends we haven’t seen in years, families who live across oceans,  interact with our favorite singers, actors/actresses, authors, Evangelists, and the list goes on.
During the 2012 summer I was introduced to Pinterest. At first I really wasn’t sure of what I would use it for, but…well, it didn’t take long for me to figure it out!!
It became addictive. I recall one day sitting down at 9 am, pinning things to my HomeInterior Decorating board, Homemaking board, crafts, recipes (and you get the idea). The next thing I knew it was coming up on 4 pm!
Yes, limitation was in order.
It was somewhere around October when I spotted a pin of a beautiful snow covered street, in an old fashioned sort of town, a vintage lamp light hung in the corner as a focal point. I fell in love with the photograph and it begged to be pinned. But where to put it? I had no category to put it in. (and you may know just how I am about organization)
Why did I even need the pin? It begged to have a story told. So I created the board, SceneSettings. New inspiration called to me after creating and pinning to this new board. I began looking up other pins of gorgeous countrysides, snow covered towns, farm houses, and photographs of couples whose stories jumped out at me. I even found pictures of interiors of old homes that are now museums and fell in love with the quiet, empty rooms that are waiting to be filled with families.
In all of my pins I have added captions or comments, and you can see just what stories I am (or plan to be) working on. When my novels are published readers can view these pins and put actual photos of places and people to connect the story and bring it to life.
In December I created another board, Faces. I searched for pins of old photos of past movie stars: Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Bette Davis, Jessica Tandy, Ingrid Bergman, and my favorite, Grace Kelly. More and more “faces” jumped out at me and I pinned old singers, even current movie stars, and those in the spotlight.
Why, you may ask? To help create and piece together my own characters. Taking a feature here and add hair color, eyes, lips…like an artist using diverse colors and ending with a beautiful creation.
I also created my WWII Aviation and WWII History boards, adding intriguing pins of actual photos taken before, during, and after the war, capturing the emotions, shock and desperation of people. Some may think it to be morbid, but for a writer it’s a story to be told. Photographs help us speak for those lost souls who no longer have a voice.
I’m not putting Pinterest or any other social site on a pedestal, however, these interactive establishments have opened a new world of inspiration(s) and history to me.
You may view my Pinterest boards by clicking on the links highlighted or go to:
Thank you for visiting my Front Porch today and God Bless!
~ Rachel

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