Thursday, October 11, 2012

“The Perfect Date”

Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

What is the perfect date? Think carefully on this.

Dinner and a movie? Flowers and candy? A walk through the park? How about a night of bowling or miniature golf and dancing to the tunes of Glenn Miller or Tommy Dorsey.

Sound old fashioned?  

Maybe it is, but these were the ideal dates 70 years ago.

When we sit down and watch our favorite movies or read our favorite romance, we get an idea in our minds of what the perfect date should be and how he/she should act. Probably the most romantic of times was the period between 1940 and 1950.

Not everything was perfect back in the 1940’s but there were certain things a man or woman did and certain things they didn’t do. Take a look…


A woman always wore a dress. Unless she became part of the work force to help in the war effort or was bound by a job that required slacks, she had feminine appeal. Her hair was usually pinned back or swept up in a do.

She carried herself in a light manner, giving a nod to a passerby on the street, greeting others with a hello and smile. Whether that stranger deserved it or not, politeness won over.

 A hat was usually placed atop the head and worn to church. Gloves fitted her hands when going out.

She was meek, kind, gentle, and ready to support her man who was going off to war.


Role of the man? He wore his best suit for the occasion. He also wore a hat, or fedora, when going out. His shoes were shined and flowers would likely accompany his presence-maybe not the large bouquet of roses we see today, but maybe a small bouquet of wild flowers or stems cut from his mother’s garden.



He opened and held doors for his date (or any woman for that fact). If he and his comrades sat in the parlor and a woman entered, they all rose to their feet.

He offered his arm in warmth and appreciation, or to be close to his gal, which would have also made his date feel safe and secure. And ‘goodnight’ ended with a simple “Good-bye”, handshake, peck on the cheek, or even a kiss.

Sound like the perfect ending?

Not all dates ended this well or even went that well. In truth they may have been like most dates of today, only proper etiquette was taken seriously and respect between the couple was highly regarded.  


Dating did not seem to be the term used back in the day. The term I hear used mostly for that generation would be ‘courting’.

Courting sometimes involved 3 people-the couple of interest and their chaperone. A chaperone who could have been ‘that pesky little brother’!


Do you have any more thoughts to add?


Did You Know?

It was improper for a woman to enter a bowling alley where a pool table was present.



  1. Great post! Very enjoyable to read :) People were so much more romantic back in the day. I wished we still lived like this today- so sad to see the innocense gone in most relationships today.

  2. Kyle, Thank you for visiting! I agree, I would love to see a great comeback of innocence and respect :)I think it starts with us!