Tuesday, October 30, 2012

“Are you well acquainted with your characters?”

Proverbs 17:17a “A friend loveth at all times,…”


For the past four months I have re-written, re-thought, and edited my novel; making it just right for my submission to editors.

As I re-read my novel for the umpteenth time I realized I know my characters better now than I did when I first wrote them. It made me wonder if I really knew who they were to begin with and if I had molded them into their correct personalities.

That is the subject and context of today’s blog post. How well do you know your characters? Are you merely acquainted with them? Do you know their names? Ages? Dwelling place? Their facial features?

You most likely will answer yes to all these questions, but are you intimately familiar with those two people who you’ve spent days, weeks, or even months with?

Do you know their full names? Do you know what the heroine’s favorite color is? Her favorite song? What scares her?

Does your hero like his eggs sunny side up or scrambled? What is he vulnerable to?

Do you see where I am going?

I decided to draw up a checklist of my character’s likes and dislikes; their moods, favorite people and places, favorite foods, smells, their good and bad qualities.

In the end, when you know who the character is it becomes much easier to write about their life and build a story around it. Take the time to ‘get to know’ your hero and heroine and take pride in who they are.


Did You Know?

During the 1940’s the Cape Cod was America’s home of choice.

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