Tuesday, October 16, 2012

“A Look Back In Time – Part 2”

Psalms 89:1 “I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever: with my mouth will I make known they faithfulness to all generations.”

Card Games

Maybe one of the quieter pastimes was a simple game of cards. To this day I remember my grandparents having their weekly “game night”. I hear many stories from older generations about their card games and evening out with friends or family. It was a time they all looked forward to enjoyed very much.

On ‘game night’ two couples or even a group assembled together to play their favorite card game. These games included: Rummy, Canasta, Bridge, Rook, Old Maid, Spades, Crazy Eights and so forth.

I was able to attend one of these card-playing nights with my grandparents at one particular time. When we arrived a card table with four chairs was set up with a deck of cards lying in the center. After exchanging greetings with one another, the men poking fun back and forth and ladies exchanging pleasantries, it was time to get down to business. Each person was served a glass of Iced Tea, Coke, or water (with a coaster under the glass mind you) and the cards were dealt. They were obviously well seasoned card players by the speed in which they dealt the hand. As the game of Rook began I had never seen such quick change of hands and laying down of cards; all the while laughing and joking as the game intensified.

Looking back I can see how relaxing those nights must have been. No t.v., no children running around screaming, no dinner party to prepare, just fun friends and a time to relax.


Although the television set had been introduced, most Americans did not have the advantage of owning one during WW2.

The 1940’s era was a time where people gathered their information on news and entertainment through newspaper or radio. Most evenings were spent in the living room listening to the radio broadcasts, news reports, music and radio shows while reading the newspaper, knitting, sewing, reading magazines, or puzzles.


Did You Know?

The ‘Slinky’ was invented in 1945 by a ship inspector.

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