Wednesday, October 10, 2012

“A Look Back In Time – From My Front Porch”

Romans 15:1 “We that are strong out to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.”


Sitting on the front porch (or stoop) with a cup of coffee and newspaper, listening to the song of the mocking bird (or robin) gives us a moment of tranquility and relaxation. It’s in these moments that I reflect on various issues that are on my mind. When I am researching for a novel or just finishing reading a good book, I find myself reflecting a little more on yesteryear’s way of life. It always leaves me wondering…what was life like back then?

I would like to take a few days and begin a series on 1940’s etiquette touching on various issues and lifestyles of the World War II era.



Formal settings

You’ve heard the expression “Dress in your Sunday best.” In pouring over pictures of my grandparents and their families from the 1920’s to the 1950’s one thing is clear. Women always wore dresses and men wore button down shirts where the top one or two buttons were never fastened. In most cases men wore dress slacks.

It was a common practice to ‘dress up’ for occasions such as dinner, a movie, a dance, even a walk in the park. Of course Sunday church service always required men to where a tie and overcoat and women to wear a Sunday bonnet and white gloves.


Time is of the essence

It was considered rude to show up late and early when invited to dinner or a party. If you came too early your host/hostess was not ready and created awkward situations. If you came too late (especially for a dinner party) you were the cause of holding up the works and dinner was served cold. Being punctual was of importance and appreciated!

In many cases the hostess of the party was usually greeted with flowers, pie, or some gift of appreciation for hosting the affair.



Are these practices of etiquette outdated? Maybe by today’s standards they are, but are they really bad ideas? I hope not. I encourage you to re-create some of these practices and see how it works for you.



Did You Know?

With the sale of silk discontinued during World War II, women drew lines up the backs of their legs with an eyeliner to give the illusion of stockings.

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